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Thursday, December 27th 2012
the world is hypocritical
general population: Omg plus-sized people are so lazy! If they just got off their fat asses and did stuff they wouldn't be so fat.

Stores: Well neener neener we won't sell plus-sized outdoor clothing or equipment so sucks to be plus-sized! Highest size we'll go is XL

Seriously. I am very upset right now. I had a hard enough time finding a bathing suit that I could use to start up swimming again and even then my boobs keep trying to bust out while I swimming and I have to keep stopping to fix it or flash the whole pool. I honestly thought that big bulky winter coats and snow pants would be easier to find. But apparently plus-sized people never venture outside in the snow (wtf) and so we don't need that stuff.

The plus-sized stores here don't sell it - no that would be too practical. and the 'normal' stores don't seem to think that a size 18/20 person should be doing this stuff.

Soooo I guess I have to cancel my ski-trip with my dad. And I'm really upset. I was really looking forward to it.

The real kicker is now I feel like the fattiest fatso on the planet even tho I really don't stuff my face with fast food everyday. I eat good healthy food and we eat out maybe once a week. And I go swimming twice a week as well as chase after lil kids all day every day for work. And yet despite everything I'm still a size 18/20... and I'm penalized because of that. I would love to lose the weight but I can never find the gear to fit me!

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Saturday, March 10th 2012
Holistic Allergist!
So my mom has problems with coughing. She was on all kinds of asthma medications, and seeing like 3 different doctors monthly, if not weekly, but was still having no relief from her huge coughing fits.
Then finally one of her doctor's talked about how he went to see a holistic allergist. But as the government does not like holistic allergists and are trying everything possible to try and get them to stop. (and I really don't get why either it makes no sense to shut something down that is HELPING people - but I think the most they're going to do is make them take out 'Allergist' from their profession name... so people don't take them for real doctors) so anyways... because doctor's are not allowed to refer their patients to these holistic allergists because they're not real doctors and their science sounds wacky and made up - despite the fact that it works - my mom's doctor had to be like 'so I know of this girl that works with holistic stuff... and she might be able to help with your coughing... I can't remember her name tho and all I know is that she's on that street facing the park.

My mom found her... after a couple of treatments: Almost no more coughing!
My mom doesn't understand how it all works so she calls her the 'voodoo doctor'

When my mom found out I was allergic to pineapple and oranges, on top of shrimp and being lactose intolerant, she suggested I go see the 'voodoo doctor'. When I broke out after eating fish and confessed that I think I might be mildly allergic to cats, my mother made an appointment for me with the Voodoo doctor. Then she suggested that I should ask the Voodoo doctor about my ear.
(I dunno if you know or not but I've had on-going issues with my ear. it's my left ear, feels full all the time, hurts when I lie on my right ear - I get a painful draining sensation in my left ear - and if I do jumping or walking fast I hear this gasping noise and get really dizzy. After my recent ENT appointment where the doctor basically ignored everything I told him and told me to get a mouth guard (for night) and stop cleaning the wax out of my ears (even tho I explained 500 times that cleaning my ears helped it feel better and I didn't start until YEARS after I had the ear problems) - he didn't care what I said. cleaning out my ears and grinding my teeth at night (eh?) were the cause. Despite the fact that around the time the problems started I'd been in a plane where the pilot did a 'uhoh there's the airport' and landed very quickly and suddenly and my ear was in excruciating pain)

My appointment was Monday. First off we discussed everything I knew I was allergic to:
Lactose Intolerant (milk, ice cream, cream)
Tabacco smoke

She asked me if the gastro problems were limited to milk products only or if I had issues with that for anything else. I jokingly told her: "Well other than blueberries being my own personal laxative no other issues than what I told you!"

So then she took me into the other room. I had to make sure my pockets were empty... no change, cell phones etc. Sit with my feet, uncrossed, and flat on the ground. put my right elbow (I'm right handed) on the table and put my thumb and ring finger together. And try and keep them together. To test and explain how it was going to work she takes my thumb in one hand and my ring finger in another and tells me to put my hand on top of my head palm down. Then she tries to pull my fingers apart. They stay. I reverse my hand on top of my head and suddenly my fingers pop apart when she pulls on them.

Something about how everything has a magnetic energy of some kind and when our body has a sensitivity to a certain thing it tends to repel it. So then I take little vials of essences of stuff and hold them up against my skin. She then tries to pull my fingers apart. If they don't budge, I'm fine. If they pull apart (depending on how easily) then I'm 'sensitive' (or allergic) to that thing.

After testing all kinds of things this is the list that I ended up being allergic to:

Navel Oranges
Citrus Mix
Citric Acid
Blueberries (go figure... who knew they weren't supposed to act like a laxative! it's always been like that for me I just always thought that was the price of eating yummy blueberries!)
4k feet altitude
5k feet altitude (she said something about my ear being stuck there when we landed quickly)
earwax (hey maybe that's why it helped to clean my ears out! >.< )
Tiger Shrimp
Bay Shrimp (ya no others just those two... weird)
Deep Fried Halibut (but not on it's own...)
and then Milk and Cream

But! She didn't get to finish. I still have other allergies (that I've had so long I forgot to ask about - like nickel) and allergies for my asthma to check up on.

So after we got the list of stuff I'm allergic to... she puts all the vials (but the milk ones as those have to be desensitized by themselves says her) on this little machine run by a 9 volt battery. Then she turns it on and touches this metal thingy (while I hold another metal thingy in my hand) to certain spots on my body. After that I'm supposed to avoid the things she De-sensitized me to for a week-ish and then I can slowly start trying them again. She recommended that for the first 3 days I drink at least 2 liters of water per day as that will help with my cells cleansing and not being sensitive and I don't really understand it but it made sense at the time.

So after it's all said and done my mom takes me out to lunch and I drink all kinds of water. I'm feeling fine - my mom warns me I'm going to feel terrible. I get more and more dehydrated feeling and eventually start to get a carsick feeling. And then the exhaustion hits. Like the sandman drove his truck over me or something. I'm pretty sure I drank 3 or more liters that first day I felt so miserable. The second day started out find but by dinner time the sandman was driving over me with his truck again... and the third day I was fine until a little bit after dinner and then that sandman was back again ;)

So today (being saturday) was the first day she said to start trying stuff again... see if I had any of my reactions... I decided the best way to test this all out - to see if it actually works or if it's just some crazy hoax... was to eat a bunch of blueberries! So I made a blueberry smoothie!

I made it this morning... and Nothing! Usually I would have gone to the bathroom at least 3 times by now after having a blueberry smoothie. So I'm guessing that this voodoo craziness actually has some truth to it and it works! altho I will probably have to be De-sensitized to my cats again... because omg avoiding cats who usually schmooze you 24-7 is actually pretty difficult. But eh! If everything else sticks then yay!
We're going to red-lobster tomorrow. Gonna see if they have deep fried halibut or something for me to try out!

Hope that was helpful to all you who might be interested!

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Thursday, March 8th 2012
(hey look a post I finally get to use the zombie icon for!)

I had a horrible dream last night in which the zombie apocalypse was started by these teeny tiny little lobster like creatures that were suuuuper aggressive. They took over a water park and bit all kinds of children who then got sick and infected their parents who infected others and they all turned into zombies.

the tiny lobster creatures (about as long as my middle finger) were killed by salt... so those of us that figured it out and didn't get infected cuz we kept salt handy... then had to deal with all the zombies trying to eat us. It was rather freaky....

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Thursday, August 18th 2011
Totally received and email in my inbox saying I had a response to one of my older posts.....

backlinks service


2011-08-18 11:02 am (local) (link) DeleteMark as spamFreezeUnscreenTrack This <input ... >

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That's the response.... I'm sitting here going uh... o_O

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Thursday, June 23rd 2011
S' UP?!
Hai guys!

I'm kinda on summer holidays now.... cuz my work will be going to california for July and then their mom is not workin in august...

but I did manage to snag a part time job for the summer... nothing too busy tho just 20 hrs a week and the kids seem like WAAAAAAAAY calmer.  So I'm excited about that.

ummm.. so other than work related horror stories I really don't have much to say....

I have been playing Rift this month cuz I promised a friend I'd play it with her and my wow time expired so cuz we don't have too much money right now I decided to try out rift for a month.  It's pretty cool.  I especially love rift events.... if the game was nothing but Rift events - I wouldn't complain.  Other than that it's like a semi-more complicated version of wow.  Only less classes but way more specs.

but come July I'm gonna go with one of my wow accounts and the Rift account I think.
Then in August just go back to my 2 wow accounts....

Ummm my god my life is boring.
I'm married now..... haven't been able to change my last name yet even tho I've been married over a month..... can't change my name cuz the stupid government is SLOOOOOOOW and so I haven't gotten the official documents back yet which are required to change your name.  :(  I wanna be Mrs.  dammit!

anyways I'm working for my sister today so I should prolly get back to that... came to LJ to ask rinalia a question :D  and then realized I haven't updated in a loong long time and I should prolly do that.


how's everyone doing?

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Monday, February 14th 2011
you know that dinky lil program that comes on pcs?  Paint?

and how everyone always complains about paint and how shitty it is?

You know what tho?  IF paint added the ability to have layers..... (so you could colour over top of something but then still have the underneath layer to merge them or whatever)  then paint would actually be a very feasable program.  But because it doesn't have layers..... yes it sucks.

*was attempting to be creative in paint and failing miserably because there's no layers.*

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Sunday, February 13th 2011
Oh my Goderic!

wooo!  got the cut to work!

if you are religious you might be offended!Collapse )

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Friday, February 11th 2011
My cat just screamed... and crawled on my lap.... and all of a sudden I had the hugest craving for icecream......

that stuff never happens to me............. o_O

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Friday, January 21st 2011
(fyi if there are letters missing from words.... it's this fucking keyboard.. you have to POUND the fucking keys on my laptop before they register being hit and it's getting really annoying)

I'm worried about my computer....
She's not acting normal.... and this pisses me off a bit cuz I haven't playe wow in like 3 days conciously.... I was too tired and working.... and I knew I could play all day today.... but apparantly not.

My comp is deciding to be an asshole.... and NOTHING is running properly. 

I started it up this morning and everything seemed to be fine.  Kaspersky was runing it's update.... and so then I loaded up firefox to check my guild forums.... and the wow forums.... and it froze.  Like almost instantly.  So I tried control alt delete.... and my entire comp froze up and wouldn't do anything.

So I had to hit the power button and restart it again.  Kaspersky went ballistic... cuz apparantly it got corrupted in the forced shut down..... and so I thought 'hey maybe I have a virus and thats why things aren't working properly'  so I went to load up Malwarebytes.... the other anti-virus program I have.  But then my whole comp locked up again.... and I had to power off.

so this time I decided to try running in Safe mode so I could run the vius checker and fix whatever problems.... but half way through loading up in safemode everything froze.... and I waited like 10 minuts to no avail....  Shut off the power again..... it wants me to run Start up Repair.....

Now I know from previous experience with my comp that it HATES start up repair..... and 85% of the time it doesn't work.... freezes halfway through and I end up just logging in normally and restoring my comp to an earlier date anyways.... so I log in normally.

And after kaspersky threw another fit cuz it's 'corrupted'  I've let it just sit there and do nothing for a bit in the hopes that it will let me run stuff now and I can fix this.

This comp..... seriously I hate it.  It's always crashing..... I sent it to computer guys while I was in the netherlands for xmas... and they put in a new fan for the video card and Wow was working 100% better and everything was great.... but now this is the second time it's died on me in just normal - doing nothing - computer mode..... before the new fan it only ever really died in gaming mode..... so I don't know wat the fuck is wrong with it!


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Saturday, January 15th 2011
dream + lol
Okay so.... last night I dreamt that my mom sent Wedahr and I on a trip to Australia.... where we flew through Japan....  we landed in Japan for a few days... my brain glossed over that and went straight to Australia... and then things just kept going WRONG!

first.... We forgot our checked luggage.... and just went running out into the world of Australia.  everything was going fine... we were trying to Find Milne Ave cuz I had remembered that Monkau said she'd lived there.... (it should be noted that I'm pretty sure she doesn't cuz Milne Ave was the street I lived on when I was a kid)  So then we were trying to get a phone book so we could look up Mon's real name (which I actually do know....  only in the dream I kept saying it was Potter..... -_- )  so then it gets nighttime and weve been walking all day.  Wedahr is all like ''I'll scout ahead for her street!  You wait here!"  and rushes off ahead.  I'm running after him going 'NO WEDAHR! STAY! WE'RE IN A STRANGE COUNTRY WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER!"  but he's walking so fast that I can't catch up.... and he gets out of sight.... and I don't know where he went.  So I'm walking around calling for him.... and some thugs come up all "You lost lil girl?"  and I'm like 'naah.... visiting my friend Mon.  we took her dog for a walk and it ran off.... we're just lookin for him now."  and then by circumstance someone in the neighborhood whistles for a dog and the thugs run off... so then I'm left all alone again..... gotta fend for myself and stuff.  :(

But then I wake up cuz my alarm goes off.... and I'm lying in bed thinking Wedahr would be super silly for running off like that, when the phone rings!
I see it's my phone company so I answer.  They want me to get their cable and internet special.  so I can save more on my phone.
So I'm like 'Sorry I'm with my brother's internet company." Which isn't entirely true.... he used to work for the company so they know me and treat me well.... and the internet is pretty fab.  if I didn't have modem or router issues I'd always have internets.  apparantly if I'd had a generator during that massive blackout like 5-7 years ago.... I would have had internets... that's how devoted they are.  Anyways enough of that.... so they hear my brother's company for internets and don't ask about that anymore.... they figure I'm paying lower than anyone should or not at all wih something like that.  but he's like "What about cable..?"  I reply with "oh I don't watch tv."   and he's completely and utterly shocked.  like he doesn't believe I don't want cable....  so I explain that I haven't had cable since I was 9 years old and he relaxes a little... but man.... "Wait.... so you don't .... want..... cable?  I mean.....  what about movies? How do you watch movies? I mean don't you watch any tv at all? Don't you know about any of the cool shows?"

I duno I just found it really amusing :D
(I'm also not quite awake yet!)

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Wednesday, January 12th 2011
I just finished watching Eclipse...  yes the third installment of the Twiligh Series.

Why?  well cuz I've heard such 'wonderful' things about the series from Naeko.... :D
I figured I'm never gonna read the books... so I'll just watch the movies instead.... Also Dakota Fanning is badass at being a vampire.... She's running out of time to be able to be that spooky creepy lil girl who is more grown up then she looks.....

Altho I have to say that my fav char was totally Bree.  Who the fuck was Bree you ask? Well she was the 'baby'  vamp that surrendered in exchange for asylum to the Cullens.  But most importantly she's played by Jodelle Ferland.... another young lady who started her career by playing the creepy lil girl in tv shows and movies.  I've seen a LOT of her stuff... so I was excited to see her career is still active - especially cuz she's totally canadian yo!
And she's good at playing creepy lil girls that give me nightmares. ;)

Anyways.... that's all.... I'm going to watch  Salt now ;)

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Friday, January 7th 2011
point form update


* I'm freezing cold
* I'm coughing up my lungs even tho I didnt cough once the entire time I was in the netherlands >.<
* I was in the netherlands for 2 weeks... got back wednesday had to work late last night and a 14 hour day today.....
* I'm tired
* I'm starting to cramp and I'm on painkillers to ease it.
* My cats don't trust me anymore... everytime I leave the room they follow me like I'm going to abandulate them again.
* I'm getting married in May.... this way some of Danny's family and friends might actually be able to make it.
* I'm seriously jetlegged....
* I can't remember if I took puffs of my blue puffer or not yet... so I'm just going to take one puff..... and wonder if it's an overdose or an underdose ;)
* I ..... had something else to say but I forget.  Will try to hammer out a better update for the few of you that still pay attention!



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Friday, September 3rd 2010
Today's experiment...... failed.
So... my cats get really really bored. There's 3 of them... they can play with each other, they have toys all over the place and a giant ass scratching post....

but noooooooooooo if I'm not paying attention to them and they get bored it's MY fault and they run around being distructive and or loud.
howling is amongst the favourite activity... and it's annoying.
Particularily because if I respond to the howling it encourages them to do it again.
And cuz I can't really do anything when they're like that... cuz they're bored.  Nothing is fun or interesting.

So when my cats get really really bad there are different things I can do for each of them.
Tiko just needs to be scared... which considering he's pretty much scared of anything is easy.
Loki I take on a field trip cuz he's good at riding in the car. So usually to my sister's or my parent's.  He hates it...he's miserable the entire time... but then for WEEKS and even a month or two after ... he's a LOT better and happier to just be at home.
Kitza is more difficult.  She'd benefit greatly from a trip out somewhere... but she's terrified of cars.  So about every 5 or 6 months when she gets really really really bad... I give her a bath.
Lately she's decided that NOT sleeping with me and running around screaming is a better option, especially at 5am... and so I finally broke down and gave her a bath today.
Even used some of my organic shampoo so that she'd smell longer than a day.
I can't tell if it worked effectively yet.... At first she just ran around wet and screamed at me.  But now she's laying on the heating pad under my desk (my cats are heat addicts) and cleaning herself.  So I guess we'll see.

What do you guys (those with cats anyways) do when your cats go ballistic and need something to shake up their lives a bit so that 'homelife' is less boring?

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Friday, August 27th 2010
yes or no?


Aight so...  I have this book series in my head... it started with one book about 9 years ago... and has slowly made it's way up to 6 books now.
i've written chunks for all of the books but book 5 and 6 have the least (there's even an idea for a book 7 but it's barely even been realized so i'm trying to ignore it and hope it goes away)

I've decided to write book 2 first because it happens chronologically before book 1.... and I thought it might make things easier to write book 1.... cuz a lot of stuff happens in book 2 that influences events in book 1.... which is why it's book 2 cuz it would be super bad spoiler for book 1 if it was first.

Anyways I have about 2 chapters written for book 2.... a bunch of just random scenes.... and then about a chapter or 2 for part 2 of book 2.
But I've been in a writing funk lately.... really a creativity funk.... and it's really driving me crazy.
And then I go and have more ideas for more books/movies and fuck my brain.  More and more the idea of just getting a ghost writer to write everything for me comes up.  I don't have an money tho which would be the real issue.... the second issue is.... can I really call it mine if it's written by someone else?  Even if I told them exactly what to write, how to write and made up all the plots, characters and world myself?
I dunno man....

I just need out of this funk so I can finish this freaking series and the 3 movie ideas I have plus the 2 other book ideas I have.  AND I really want to keep helping naeko with her book.... and I hate my brain right now.

I guess this is just a complaining post.  I apologize my friends.  I was hoping to write a thoughtful and insightful post that would awaken intruiging converstaion.
(I can't fucking spell toay I apologize ... again...)


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Wednesday, August 25th 2010
yah you!
I'm lookin at you!
Those folks that never log in to read LJ.

I just wrote a friends-only post you prolly wanna read....  :P
so get to it!

please :D

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Tuesday, July 27th 2010
Watched a movie called Timer with Emma Caulfield (you prolly know her from Buffy).  It was really cute.  really really adorable.  and a lil sad cuz I can totally see our world going for something like that.

also watched The Sorcerer's Appprentice with Nicholas Cage.... I think he's a horrible actor, but when he does light-hearted movies like this and doesn't take himself so seriously he's actually okay.  And of course Alfred Molina is just excellent in everything he does... and I liked the movie.  I really liked the scene with the mops... and the variation to the sorcerer's apprentice song.  it was a nice touch.

trying to find information out from the government sucks.
each time I call one agency they tell me to call another... and at this point I'm thinking I'll be told to call the first people I called and have to do the circle all over again!

I've been in a creative funk for the last lil while. (sorry naeko!) but last week and this week I've started reading a lot more.... so I'm hoping to get back into once I've read enough.  This will enable to to write and edit better.
The first book I read was the finale of a long time fantasy series I've been reading.  By Ian Irvine... tho apparantly it's not entirely the finale... cuz he's planning a 4th series for that world.  when this 3rd book of the 3rd series was supposed to be the last.  But I like his world so I'm kinda happy.  Author is Ian Irvine.

Second book I read was "Three Bags Full - a sheep detective story"  It was pretty funny.  Some sheep in Ireland's shepherd dies... and they take it upon themselves to find out who killed him.

ummm I've been having really weird dreams lately, I don't remember them all.... but I always wake up feeling confused.  And even if I try and sleep in so I can remember my dreams.... it doesn't seem to work.  Which is strange.  usually I can remember like everything.....

aaand last but not least, my cat tried to kill me.
I was running down the hallway and turned left into my bedroom.... and my cat thought I was going straight so he cut me off and I tripped over him and smashed my arm into the doorframe... for the first 30 seconds I thought I'd broken it... but then logic finally kicked in and I realized I'd ben in more pain than I was... so then I was like maybe he fractured my arm?  it hurt pretty bad.... so I iced it and now it only hurts if I type too long - yah it's starting to hurt which is why I thought to talk about it- or if I put weight on it, or strain it (aka opening up cans or bottles).
So I'm thinking it's prolly just bruised/sprained.  so I'm taking it easy on it hopefully it'll heal fast.

Anyways that's the random mikor update.

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Monday, June 14th 2010

My sister is a quadreplegic.  She was in an accident like 7 or 8 years ago.
She is in a wheelchair... and when we go out she has a ramp to get into her van.
Disabled parking is almost always full.... so when that happens you have to park in the general parking area.
We usually try to park as far away from the store as possible so that no one parks beside her.
Well that ended up being futile.  People just don't see the 'DO NOT PARK WITHIN 5 FEET OF THIS DOOR" sign in the window of the door that opens up with her ramp.  And apparantly don't see the HUGE disabled parking pass on her front dash.... or they don't care.

So... we've started parking diagonally across two spots so that she CAN get in and out using her ramp.  Makes sense right?

The last time I went to costco with her (bulk grocery store for those of you that don't know) I parked inbetween the lines but apparantly there was still room for someone to park next to her so they did.  Blocking the ramp.  So then I have to back up and cause a traffic jam just so my sister can get IN her car.  This is why it's now DIAGONALLY.  I'll show you a pic.
the picCollapse )

So I was very very much Irked by this person coming and putting that little 'Learn how to Park'  sign on my sister's windshield.... Especially because to tuck it under the windshield wiper they would have SEEN the giant DISABLED sign and if they'd moved their eyes like an inch up and looked INSIDE the car they would see that there is NO passenger seat.... because that's where her damn wheelchair goes.

So please people a few requests.

1. Don't park in disabled parking unless you NEED it. 
2.  If you happen to see a giant van with a disabled parking sign in the window or on the dash.... do NOT park within 3-5 meters of the passenger side door.  There is very likely a ramp that needs to go down.
3.  If you see a car parked diagonally... check FOR the disabled signs before you make yourself look like an idiot.  Did you even STOP to consider there is a very valid reason the person is parking horribly?

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Tuesday, April 6th 2010
*attempts to look imposing to scare self*



Mikor: my brain is being evil today
I have to fight with it
to get anything done
wedahr: That's not good.
Kick it in the shins!
Mikor: o_O
I just had this image of a brain with arms and legs


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Sunday, March 21st 2010
Yes. The movie!

I just watched it... I had to keep pausing it as I freaked out and then resume it again. My poor cats kept getting squeezed.

If you are squeemish like me... watch thiswith someone you can squeeze. :D

Now aside from being freaked out and contemplating moving to Africa (if you've seen the film you know what I'm talkin about!) What I'm kind of really really really wanting to see now.... is 2012 Two: Rebuilding.

I like post-apocolyptic stuff... unfortunately the movies only ever show us pre- or during. Hardly ever after... and the hopefulness of rebuilding etc.

For that - you need to turn to books... and fan-fictions.... which I think I might have to look for now :D

Altho I'm really hoping 2012 isn't for real... I mean if the world was going to switch around like that wouldn't it take months and months not just like 29 days?
I mean the drastic stuff of california falling into the ocean and what not.... I'm no scientist but I think it would take more than a few hours for that to happen.

And stuff like this makes me not want to reproduce... as much as I really really want kids. Cuz... the planet is pretty doomed... we're killing it even if 2012 doesn't... so even if I'm dead by the time something like his happens do you really wanna leave kids behind to deal with it instead?

but then... what if I have the scientist that figures it all out and saves humanity by building the arks? WHAT THEN?!

anyways... I'm off to bed now... and I'm going to TRY my hardest not to have nightmares... hahahahha.... oh man I should not have watched that before bed. =/

Mikor out!

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Wednesday, December 9th 2009
stupid global warming
So last night we had this like HUGE snow storm... and I was SOOO excited... worried for driving to work this morning but excited that it was FINALLY SNOWING! I'm in canada people.... it's december... and we have NO FREAKING SNOW! wtf is up with that eh?

But then when I woke up this morning the snow had turned into hail... and then when I left for work it had warmed up and the hail was rain. and it was pouring rain. And it washed away what lil snow we'd gotten in this area. it was pretty sucky.

If I wanted rain for winter I'd be living in Vancouver... what is this crap? I want SNOW dammit!

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